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Watch your thoughts

Watch your thoughts, they become Words.

Watch your words, they become Actions.

Watch your actions, they become Habits.

Watch your habits, they become Character.

Watch your Character it becomes your Destiny.


You know you lived in Curacao when

– you know the size of the island and the number of inhabitants
– you know the definition of a choller
– you have actually cholled something some time in your life
– you are used to people being able to speak at least three languages
– you know some tourists have seen more of your island than you
– you look up when you hear ‘pssssssst..!’
– you daydream of those days you spent at the weekend house
– you know which direction above and below the wind are
– you can call any girl dushi
– your accent gets worse when speaking to other people from the island
– you are not surprised you find yourself avoiding the same holes in the same places on the same roads
– you end your sentences with ‘swa’
– you classify the level of nastiness by the length of the ‘cheeeeee..!’
– you are only amused when someone asks you if ‘they have cars in Curacao’
– you automatically speak Spanish at the snek
– you know what the snek is
– you (have at least tried once to) dance merengue
– you speak/understand Papialands
– you miss the way the heat hits your face coming out of the plane
– you put something heavy on your papers when sitting outside
– you could tell the time of day by the smell of the island
– you do redu too
– you could drive an extra 10 minutes in the sun for the best roti of the island
– you know the souvenirs are actually made in Haiti
– you immediately take off your shoes when back on vacation
– you can think of tons of tipicamente koi Korsow things to mention
– when you know there is no point in making any appointments cause noboby ever get there on time…
– when you know what happens at pier…
– you can use a word 2x and it has a meaning (moli moli)…
– you sit every saturday or sunday @ 12AM on the wall of mc donalds salinja to watch “fever”
– when you try to buy breakfast at burger king at 12:00PM
– when you can name 10 “truck di pan” in 5 seconds
– when your friends call u to see why your taking so long, and you tell them “mi ta yegando”, while your still in the shower!
– when u know Otrobanda is “the other side” of Punda
– you think twice about going to banda bou….because its “far”
– your’re not surprised when they say ‘bon pasku’ even weeks after chrismas.
– you know when you buy a car you have to test it on the ‘nieuwe haven’
– you understand that ‘dont drink and drive’ means bai poco poco.
– When you call your tuinman: Portugees or Haitiaan
– When you use HEPA to sms friends
– if you order dos polar ku kuppi di eis
– you can shamelessly say: pssst dushi, nami loke bo tin!
– when people are wondering why cars only drive 30 km/h and you’ve got to explain that everybody is drunk
– when u are used to visiting 3 happy hours a night, at least 4 times a week.
– u know the difference between banda abou en banda ariba
– when you think its normal that everybody is yelling at the screen while you’re in the Movies.
– you’ve tried to bribe the police with a nice cold beer and are not surprised to succeed….
– You know you lived in curacao when you can put at least 4 different languages in one sentence and every ju die korsow will still understand you. for example: Thank you pa bo aandacht i hasta luego!
– if you sence something moving in the kitchen you immediately grab the can of PIF PAF and start spraying away!!!
– when writing in Papiamentu you never wonder if a word is spelled correct
– you have tons of “ooms en tantes” that are not even close family
– i always wondered what jambo was in English, people always asking what that is when telling about our local dishes… and explaining it look like snot (nasal mucus, “katara”) doesn’t sound right…
– your relatives down there still sent you awa di maravilla (after 30 years)and you still don’t know what to do with it
– You don’t stop being amazed by the fact that everytime you’re back on the island and you’re walking around Punda or Otrobanda with your mother, she always bumps into people (mostly women) who knew you as a child (but you, of course, don’t remember them at all) and the first thing they freaking always say is: ‘mirabo ei, ba bira graaaaaandiiiii, yu’.
– you have a craving for ‘sate ku batata’ when living in Holland and your Dutch friends offer to get you a ‘patatje satesaus’ and you want to smack them for not understanding why that is NOT an option.
– when hearing the first tunes of a tambu, tumba, merengue, salsa, reaggeaton etc. you automatically wiggle your hips and upperbody even when seated.
– – you know that the only way to serve corned beef is with funchi, banana hasa i pitipwa (canned petit pois) ( you also know that the only way to pronounce corned beef is kornt bief and not like the dutch do: kornet bief)
– you never ever will be seen swimming in the north sea
– – You know your in deep deep sh!t when your mother calls you by ALL your names…including your last name!
– You KNOW HOW to chiw
– You make appointments at 3 when you want to start at 4
– You get insulted and give ‘Bo mama’ as a respond….end of discussion!!
– Rain is a VALID REASON for being late…unlike Dutchland!
– You know that chewing gum is known as ‘PK’
– You’ve met the lady in Punda who curses at you when you don’t buy PK from her…
– Your back to feed the hang-over at Da Boat on Friday night (DJ Tico Again!)
– Saturday night your pushing the hang-over again at Mambo
– Sunday nobody will work, so might as well go to the beach and catch a Happy Hour at w&w
– You take the back roads to get from one side of the island to another
– You know which street Traffic control is watching today
– You don’t need air conditioning in the car anymore
– You know you can’t just hit Walmart at 3am to pickup a few groceries
– You know that 3 florins is too much for un polar, but you pay it anyway
– You bring your own case of polar and drink it in the parking lot before you hit the club
– You don’t notice the Iguanas anymore
– Nothing happens on time, ever..
– You understand the conversation, even when it changes from dutch to papaimento mid-sentence
– You can understand directions without using actual street names…
– You understand and use double words to describe a feeling or something…
– you actually think geatrakeerd is a real dutch word
– you know that downtown is not referred to as Willemstad but Punda or Otrobanda.
– you know what it means to have “Jimpi”, but you don’t actually know what a “jimpi” IS…
– You call every chinese person Chino… Male and female
– names like jasundeska, raichelon and flavianka don’t strike you as odd.
– You dont look twice if you see a very big woman in clothing fitting for Heidi Klum!!
– you stop at a GREEN light to say hello to a friend in the car next to you who’s waiting in front of his red light.
– you know what “babylon” or “blauw blauw” is
– You know when illegal races are held and were
– heck, you know when anything illegal happens
– when a car honks you automatically honk back to return the greeting, even if you don’t have a clue who it is
– you loose patience with the driver in front of you who just stopped for an orange light
– when you know people only by their nickname (including your own family)
– traffic lights dont have RED…just a darker shade of green
– When its redu time you have to pay extra attention to understand who is who…….
– You know there are at least 10 pages in the phone book listing Maduro or Martina.
– You know how creative Curaçaoan parents can be when naming their child, especially when it’s a mash-up of their own names.
– when u buy one florin of cigarets, role them up in a nepkin and put them in your pocket.
– u don’t flinch when u see women out & about with rollers in their hair –
– you look at a kadushi and you don’t just see a thorny plant, but you’re thinking: FOOOOOD !
– when the first expression which comes to mind when losing your patience is “hai dios !”
– You use the word ‘Kafer’ but are very careful around WHO you use it!
– you are a master at knowing the meaning behind the word “konyo” when used in a sentence, postive and negative.
– you have eaten chino antiano ATLEAST once in your life and then forever miss it when abroad.

As We Grow Up

 As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will.

You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.

You’ll fight with your best friend.

You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did.

You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love.

So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.

Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.